Scrap material keychains

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Product Information

These keychains are a must in everybody's purse! The cardholder is perfect to store some cards, cash or other small stuff like your earplugs.
Various designs made of leftover materials that I can't use for any big projects anymore. They're available with a wrist strap or a fringed concho. 

These keychains are a second chance product because they're made to reduce waste in my workplace. 15% of your second chance purchase will be donated to a non-profit organisation. 

Non-Profit organisations

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The Ehlers-Danlos Society: Global organisation that dedicates themselves to advancing research and education in Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD)

Outright International: Global LGBTIQ+ human rights movement that addresses violations and abuse against the community.

Bees for Development:
Strives globally for less poverty and more biodiversity by making poor communities self-sufficient through beekeeping.

You will find more info, their website and social media here