Glam rock - Sweden

(18/02/'21 - In progress)

After getting tagged in an FB post of Lipz looking for a costume designer, I didn't think twice about reaching out. It's been a while since I worked on a big project and this seemed right up my alley. We mailed a bit back and forth and I was excited to hear they wanted to collab with LLD! 

Lipz Band

Think the year 2180; the apocalypse happened, chromatic robots have taken over and all that's left is this dark retro-future world where Lipz rules the fallen Sunset Strip. This is what I imagined while creating my first mood board. 
 They already had brilliant ideas and sketches themselves that I processed into the first designs. Elements of their sketches reminded me of insects and scaled animals and I used these as an inspiration to create new shapes and patterns. The color scheme we're going for is black, pink, purple and red with chrome/silver details.

Mood board Lipz Lethal Lover Designs
Collage Mood board Lipz Insects Lethal Lover Designs

After their last feedback, I started with the final designs in watercolor.
Unfortunately, the pandemic slows down our process to continue from here. Traveling to meet is currently impossible, but the guys are working on their measurements. We are going to work together on a distance as much as possible and I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can meet soon for our first fitting session.

Update 05/10/'21

It's been a while since I updated this blog. The measurements are taken and we're currently looking for flights in January. In the mean time I'm working on the muslin mock-ups and prepare as much as possible for our meeting. We agreed on keeping the sketches secret for now so Lipz can have a big reveal after everything is finished.

Update 18/11/'21

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances I have to give up on the job. We're looking for a fellow seamstress/seamster to pass this opportunity on. Please visit this page for more information.