Arthy Squared

aor - France

(05/04/'21 - In progress)

A few months ago a familiar face popped up on Messenger. Arthy from the AOR project Squared is maybe one of the very first customers back when I just started out. Probably even before LLD became LLD. Back then he requested a polka dot shirt, but this time we're going for a bigger project; a custom designed frock coat.

I didn't need a lot of deep research for this one. He was looking for a simplified version of a similar design I did before mixed with a bit of Steve Lukather. 

After a few quick sketches and feedback with his ideas, we quickly came to a design he fell in love with. This led to the final design in water color. 

Arthy asked to put this project on hold and continue in the future. In the mean time, 
Check out the Squared's Facebook and give them a follow.