2022 recaP/2023 plans

Well... 2022 certainly wasn't what we expected, but it became the perfect set-up for 2023!

This recap was supposed to be full of creations, but instead we got a year full of surprises... good and bad. Most of them were personal, but some also affected LLD. In this recap we'll go over the best and the worst moments of 2022. Let's get started!

Last year I announced a break after severe back pain and that lasted way longer than I wished for. I started exercise therapy this year and luckily with the help of that and investing in ergonomic furniture, my back improved a lot! I have to accept this will always be a weak spot though, but what's important is that it won't keep me from continuing anymore. 

Bit by bit I got back into sewing and we launched the basics concept in March. Basics are more affordable, they're available in more sizes and are perfect to complete your LLD outfit. The first basic item launched was a unisex spandex legging in three different colors, followed by three new colors in April.
I also got to do a little custom collab with Ashley from Twisted Sisters and made some accessories for her. Seeing the results really boosted that motivation to pick things up!

In May I went to Romania with my partner. I brought all my sketching materials and we planned many trips to dive into the culture and gather inspiration. Unfortunately on our 3rd day the roof and kitchen of my in-laws house where we stayed got on fire. It was such a massive shock, but thankfully everyone was save and our stuff was undamaged. We had to cancel our trips for the rest of the holiday. My partner spent most of the days in the village to rebuild the roof and I stayed in a B&B in the city center. This was the last thing I wished for my partner and his family and I have such a deep respect for how they managed everything.
Honestly, this holiday was anything but fun, but we made the best of it. I met some amazing people and I still got to see a bit of Oradea.


On our last day in Romania, we got a call about the apartment we badly wished for. Guess what... we got it! So you can imagine the rollercoaster of emotions so shortly after the fire. This summer we moved and I got to settle in the new workplace. It's way more spacious and the location is amazing. In case you haven't seen the tour, check out this video! 
The apartment was definitely the silver lining we needed so much, but the move took a lot of my time for LLD. 
After everything was settled, I opened the MTO orders again and immediately got to work on some beautiful picks by you! 

We also hit the 5 year mark and while I couldn't do a deserved giveaway, it was nice to do a throwback and see what was accomplished in those 5 years. And the giveaway? We'll make up for that in 2023 ;)

Now let's talk about 2023!

Honestly, I don't have any big plans. I just want to make full use of the new workplace and do what I missed so much this year; creating. At least I can tell that you can expect my best pieces to date. After a year of barely anything, I'm full of inspiration and got to challenge myself with new ideas. I have some designs ready for months already. I really feel these will show exactly my style and you're going to love it.

On a less fun note; I have to raise my prices per January 1st. As most of you know everything got way more expensive and things changed too much in my life to continue with my current prices.
In addition, I'm going to dive even more into minimizing LLD's economical footprint and see where I can improve my sustainability and reduce waste.

When I read my previous recap and hopes for 2022, I noticed most of the plans actually worked out. I mean, we got that new workplace! And I'm in business again after my back issues! I just didn't get to release a collection. So, can I call this a bad year after all? Absolutely not. I think this was just a preparation for an amazing 2023. 

 I'm super grateful for all of your love and support and I'll make sure to return it in 2023 with some amazing pieces for you to wear. Happy new year!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2023!