Happy New Year!

Thank you all for making 2021 such an incredible year for LLD.
We sold out multiple times, the website got improved, you sent the best pictures of your purchases and we hit the 4 year mark! Here's a recap of 2021 for Lethal Lover Designs;

In January after a long radio silence, fringes, conchos and crocodile print took over the shop. The Wanted Dead Or Alive collection launched and was very well received. The absolute hit this year were the sleeveless biker jackets in May, followed up be a men's version in June. These two collections turned into the first MTO products where customers can design their own dream piece. In October I launched my personal favorite of the year: the Denim, Leather and Lace collection. It contained not only a complete new jacket design with sleeve cut-outs, but also a legging, skirt and two tops. Shortly after we celebrated the 4th anniversary with a successful giveaway!

Of course not everything was all peaches and cream. Some of my work got copied for the second time by the same person. Oh, it damn sucks when you don't have a legal foot to stand on. Let's also not forget sewing machines breaking down and materials not being delivered while being on a deadline.

On a more personal note; some of you might have noticed the big gap between collections. It's because I've been struggling with physical pain that often left me unable to work. I had to stay home from my (now previous) job and went through several therapies that unfortunately didn't have the desired results. This summer things seemed to get better, but nearing the end of 2021 everything went back down south and I made the hard decision to cancel all collabs and custom orders. Currently, I'm taking a break while I'm waiting to start a new therapy I'm hopeful for.
The plus side of it? It pushed me over the edge to switch jobs and now I work at a bakery that doesn't affect my health. Besides that I absolutely love it there, it gives me way more free time to spend on Lethal Lover that I can hopefully make use of soon. 

So... what's in store for 2022?
The thing I'm most excited for is that my partner and I are house hunting. This means LLD will move to a much bigger workplace in 2022! It's time to expand and have more space.
Despite the current break, it's hard to sit completely still and ideas are flowing like crazy. My focus will shift to single pieces instead of small collections, so I won't ask too much of my body. If things go well, the MTO line will expand with more products and varieties of sizes.
Custom orders remain standby until I know I can handle the amount of work again.
In October 2022 we also reach the 5th anniversary that of course will be celebrated again with a big giveaway!

I'm excited and positive about what's to come and I can't wait to share it. I wish you all the best for 2022 and let's make it a memorable year together! ♡ 


P.S. Looking for a visual recap? Visit the archive for more pictures of previous work.